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Coppercoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. Coppercoin is an open source, global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. Last PoW Block was mined in February 2020. Actually reward is for PoS (staking) only. PoS Percentage 3% per year on staked coins

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The purpose of DAPSX is to reclaim the unity that was once had in prior iterations of the original DAPS project. We feel that with the harsh decision to suddenly cancel the PCN swap, extensive time to reclaim DAPS tokens, and over all lack of leadership in the current DAPS team, that this would be or chance to restore an otherwise failed project.

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Dravite Coin

We are a Community Driven Project with 4x smaller supply and huge growth potential.We have our own MN coin that will soon be able for conversion (Dravite to DraviteFlex static amount coin conversion platform coming soon). Updates and enhancements coming to both chains as follows.

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Our coins will allow our investors to learn how masternodes work and the security they add to the network as well as give them the opportunity to earn great rewards. It will have a maxium supply of 10 billion coins. Collateral will be felxible allowing our investors to choose the numbers they would like.

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Gravium (GRV) is a cryptocurrency backed by the security of the latest in ASIC resistant mining algorithm. A community driven project that has been engineered specifically for implementation into the everyday business and personal transactions. With low transaction fees and 1-minute block times, you will have your funds available anywhere and anytime.

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Infinex Coin is an innovative digital cryptocurrency programme. Our main goal is to create a decentralized network to run applications which do not rely on any central body control. By having a distributed system, thousands of users will be responsible for maintaining the application and data so that there is no single point of failure. Our vision is to develop social networking over Infinex and enable live streaming and classic multiplayer gaming over Infinex. We will also be collaborating with other project owners who share the same vision and can add value to the chain. Infinex starts off as a hybrid of PoW (proof of work) and Masternode system and will gradually move towards a fully Masternode network. Miners and Masternodes will be rewarded to safe-keep the network and so it is in the interest of Infinex to ensure a stable return on investments for miners and Masternodes holders.

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Allow us to introduce you to the KETOsis Coin, which is a combination of the two! Bringing together cryptocurrency and the Keto diet; two topics rapidly growing in interest by the public every… single… day! People currently have a want and a need to know more about both, they want to live longer and better. Both as mentioned, is making an investment in yourself whether for your health or your wealth. Excitedly for KETOsis coin, both Keto and Cryto continue to show individual successes that grow into a supportive community; through a weight loss and financial gain.

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KuboCoin a digital asset, serves to be the vehicle that drives the turn-key ecosystem of decentralized trading, e-commerce, crowdfunding, philanthropic efforts, and community gaming. Beginning as a community takeover with no ICO/IEO/IPO, KUBO is a young start up that is taking the necessary steps to not only adapt to the ever changing blockchain environment, but to prosper into a full fledged blockchain solution provider based in the United States with global markets. Constantly seeking the best route forward, KUBO Inc. and its various IPs seek to make the end user experience the best in the industry for not only Kubo holders, but also all other crypto users as they seek solutions for all their blockchain needs/wants. In the end, KUBO is a brand and company that was built by the people – for the people, and the team stands by its community and core values: Trust, Honesty, and Loyalty.

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Investing in the digital asset market should be easy! As the world moves towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, our mission at Leisure Coin Exchange and Investment Platform is to make the process of investing and trading simple, easy and hassle free.Our exchange platform and coin are both developed with some of the most sophisticated security measures in the digital asset market and our users will enjoy the security, functionality and ease of use that they seek for their investments.

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We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency world and ordinary consumers. Our Company’s core principle is to achieve mass adoption by providing blockchain related solutions and services, that have real value and that could be understood and easily utilized by the ordinary consumer or investor. The Simple Software Solutions ecosystem will focus on designing and building enterprise ready products that are secure and simple.

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