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Our coins will allow our investors to learn how masternodes work and the security they add to the network as well as give them the opportunity to earn great rewards. It will have a maxium supply of 10 billion coins. Collateral will be felxible allowing our investors to choose the numbers they would like.

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Investing in the digital asset market should be easy! As the world moves towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, our mission at Leisure Coin Exchange and Investment Platform is to make the process of investing and trading simple, easy and hassle free.Our exchange platform and coin are both developed with some of the most sophisticated security measures in the digital asset market and our users will enjoy the security, functionality and ease of use that they seek for their investments.

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Gives Coin

Gives is the first cryptocurrency of its kind basing its core structure on giving back to those in need all across america. Our dedicated team members will continually strive to help communities by donating GIVES to charity organizations , homeless/domestic violence shelters, as well as youth programs etc.

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